Monday, August 22, 2011

...soooo HOT right now!

Yes - you heard it! It's all about those bright block colours and WOW I am totally head over heels (pardon the pun) in love with this seasons colour injection! 

Also, my favourite little stylista tip is pleats.... EEK! I am going a little pleat crazy and even upped my credit card so I could purchase this gorg dress from Willow - adorned with white pleats of course.

My designer to watch? Magdalena Velevska! If you haven't already seen her beautiful creations jump online and totally have a google. Her website is going under a little overhaul, but I'll let you know as soon as it's up and running. I DIE! 

Last but not least... Camilla Franks - she can do no wrong... especially with her latest collection. Oh and before I leave you with a gazillion pretty bright images... Manning Cartell, Falucca lime green dress and the best customer service EVER! Gosh I love Aussie designers....

Big love from me! Spring has sprung! xxx

 Pick 1: Willow

Pick 2: Magdalena Velevska

 Pick 3: Manning Cartell

Pick 4: Camilla

& just some more of my LOVES this spring xx

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love Life

Hi all,

Terrible terrible me. Neglected my blog... yet again! I have been a very very busy bee... so I now have five minutes alone and what a better way than to chit chat to all those in cyber space about my recent ramblings.

My new job is fantastical. I love it and more importantly I love the people I work with. Being exposed to some of the most amazing international and local fashion brands... it is an amazing place to work and meet along the way!

I have had two very quick trips back to HK. Surprising my longest and dearest besties! Another trip is on the cards... HK for xmas and London for New Years. So.... I ask you this my fellow bloggers.... I NEED TIPS. TIPS ON WHERE TO EAT, SLEEP, PLAY, DRINK in LONDON!! All suggestions are welcome! 

Now the fun part... images from my last few months...

my 2 fav ladies. em & rosa @ eve x

 Amazing! Kylie Minogue... #Aphrodite

 Lizzie... behind the scenes at our Herald Sun photoshoot!

 Bunch of us at the Flemington Young Members Day! PHOTOBOOTH!

 Thai buckets @ Full Moon (Melbourne style)!

On a lighter note... it's my birthday in 2 weeks... feel free to buy me the following!! 

 YSL Cuff.. enough said...

 Anything from their e-boutique.. OBSESSED!

 A Missoni Kaftan wouldn't go astray!
 My lipstick of choice.... Saint Germaine!

 And finally, my must have party dress! From Nicholas @ Green With Envy!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Alice

Wow, what a whirlwind few months. Car flooded, got a new car. Left one job and got another. Oh, and to my dedicated fashionista's... the latest fall/winter collection from Alice McCall.... I have just done the biggest online order...... yipee!!!

Totally loving and drinking..... Coconut Water.... my fav = BEYOND by Russ Lipton!!!
And totally cannot wait for both USHER and JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have possibly discovered my new favourite website... EVER!

Perfect for those who live in Australia and want their designer fix. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I DIE! 

Coming from Hong Kong, my major addiction, is the beautiful and ever so elegant Lane Crawford department store. It's like Lane Crawford, but in Australia and ONLINE. Every busy girls dream. 

Anyway, so I have a little perve. And, I have compiled my wishlist... Here we go...

Dreamy... Ah, the Givenchy Studded Bag.

A lovely McQueen scarf!

My best friend Tully has this ring, I perve on it everytime I see her. YSL

Oh, and the YSL Tribute Pumps! I already have a pair, but they are SUPER high and are worn on special occasions (I.e. occasions I don't have to walk around everywhere) - so a lower heel would suit me fine!

So.... what is everyone else getting?

GO NOW.........

Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh my gosh, how terrible I have been....! I have had a crazy two months, and in that - forgot about my darling little blog! Not to fear, I am back in ACTION...! 

I hope you all have a fabulous New Year. I, celebrated it, all alone on New Years Eve - flying in the sky en route to my lovely HONG KONG!!!

I am having a ball here and I just can't bring myself to leave, I have extended my trip already. All my lovely friends bring a big smile to my face. 

Zara, you have failed me however. I am not LOVING their current trends. I, actually, am becoming very bored of it - it seems like it's the same stuff, with a different print. In fact, there were a pair of shoes I was contemplating in June/July when I was last here and they are STILL in store.... bad move Zara!!

However, I have found my vice in my two loves.... H&M & Lane Crawford! Lane Crawford will never fail me :) 

Here are a few photos from my trip.... 

my best 852 gal pal: Liat & I

Fellow blogger and minx - Katy & I

Keith & I

Dim Sum @ Dragon-I

Bit of personal training at the Football Club x