Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love Life

Hi all,

Terrible terrible me. Neglected my blog... yet again! I have been a very very busy bee... so I now have five minutes alone and what a better way than to chit chat to all those in cyber space about my recent ramblings.

My new job is fantastical. I love it and more importantly I love the people I work with. Being exposed to some of the most amazing international and local fashion brands... it is an amazing place to work and meet along the way!

I have had two very quick trips back to HK. Surprising my longest and dearest besties! Another trip is on the cards... HK for xmas and London for New Years. So.... I ask you this my fellow bloggers.... I NEED TIPS. TIPS ON WHERE TO EAT, SLEEP, PLAY, DRINK in LONDON!! All suggestions are welcome! 

Now the fun part... images from my last few months...

my 2 fav ladies. em & rosa @ eve x

 Amazing! Kylie Minogue... #Aphrodite

 Lizzie... behind the scenes at our Herald Sun photoshoot!

 Bunch of us at the Flemington Young Members Day! PHOTOBOOTH!

 Thai buckets @ Full Moon (Melbourne style)!

On a lighter note... it's my birthday in 2 weeks... feel free to buy me the following!! 

 YSL Cuff.. enough said...

 Anything from their e-boutique.. OBSESSED!

 A Missoni Kaftan wouldn't go astray!
 My lipstick of choice.... Saint Germaine!

 And finally, my must have party dress! From Nicholas @ Green With Envy!!


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